Sailing School

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Join the Outdoor Events sailing school in Dalarna (Mora) or Stockholm (Hundudden), for adults and teenagers from 16 years. We use the Melges-24 boat which is a racing boat with with jib, main sail and gennaker. The boats are fast but easy to sail and sensitive like a dinghy, which is good for the learning process.

First available dates for English sailing lessons are  from June 6th 2020.

We arrange English courses at dates upon request. Minimum 3 participants per course during weekends. Please send us a mail with your desired dates if you want to be on a list for participating with others if you are alone. You are welcome to borrow sailing clothes + life jacket if you do not have your own equipment (included in the fee).

Price incl VAT per person:
SEK: 2.900: One day 8 hrs.
SEK 3.900: Two days 6+6 hrs.

Keel Boat Step-1

If you have very little sailing experience or none at all and want to learn the basics of sailing.

GOAL: Learn how to handle a keel boat by yourself in light weather conditions.


  • Basic sailing words
  • Boat parts and equipment
  • Sailing in theory and practice
  • Rigging, hoisting & taking down the sails
  • Basic nautical rules in theory and practice.
  • Knots and the use of them.
  • Safety knowledge.

Keel Boat Step-2

If you want to learn more or get a repetition of what you once knew. Or if you earlier have sailed passively but want to be more sure of how to handle sailing boat.

GOAL: Feel safe in day-sailing in different kinds of weather.
PRE-KNOWLEDGE: Step-1 or similar or actively having sailed as crew.


  • Repetition: Sailor words, parts and equipment
  • Repetition: Right-of-way (ROW) rules, sailing theory and practice
  • Sail trimming (basics)
  • Reading charts (studies in navigation should be added)
  • Communication on board
  • Berthing and leaving port
  • Seamanship

Conditions for All Sailing School Courses

A course can only be arranged if there are 3 – 8 persons participating per course. The course must be paid in advance after agreement of course date. Entries are binding when the course fee is paid and registered on our account.

  • The course fee shall be registered on our account no less than 15 days before start of the course, or minimum before the course date if agreed.
  • For deregistration 15 days or earlier before start of course 50% will be refund.
  • For deregistration 14 days or later before start no course fee will be refund.
  • The course ticket may be given to an other person.