Gift card for Ice sailing

Gift card – Ice yacht sailing 

A voucher-card for testing iceyachting is well appreciated to give away as well as to get. Ice yachting with OutdoorEvents is safe and easy to learn. No experience needed! You are able to book date directly acc to dates below or may be done later by the receiver of the gift card acc to dates below. Film from one of our sailing days

We are ice sailing where the best ice is but primary places in Sigtuna Stockholm, or Mora in Dalarna. From 16 years. Cost 1.900 incl VAT. Gift cards are valid 1 year. Ice- and sailing guarantee always included!

  • In Mora, Dalarna, we have very good black ice on lake Siljan (Check Feb 22nd).
  • In Stockholm we have now made the last event for voucher sailing (hence no actual ice report).

Dates for the season 2020 – 2021:

Stockholm, Time: 11.00 Am – 15.00 Pm, all occations:

Dates with (*) to be opened for booking only if other dates get fully booked.

  • Jan 30th 2021 (Prel. sailingplace in Sigtuna)
  • Feb 6th 2021 (Prel. sailingplace in Sigtuna)
  • Feb 14th 2021 (Prel. sailingplace in Sigtuna)
  • Feb 20th 2021 Booking now closed

Dalarna, Time: 11.00 Am – 15.00 Pm all occations:

Dates with (*) to be opened for booking only if other dates get fully booked.

  • Dec 26th 2020 (Prel. sailingplace in Mora)
  • Jan 2nd 2021 (Prel. sailingplace in Mora)
  • Jan 9th 2021, (Prel in Mora)
  • Feb 28th 2021 (Prel. sailingplace in Mora)
  • March 6th 2021 (Prel. sailingplace in Mora)
  • * March 13th 2021 (Prel. sailingplace in Mora)

Please note: In Dalarna, during the cross country ski week “Vasaloppet” (week 7-9), it is a good idea to plan your stay a little more in advance in order to find accommodation close to Mora. The above dates are valid for gift-card sailing days for individual bookings, participating in a group with other persons.

Cost: Gift card – Ice yacht sailing:

  • SEK 1.900 incl VAT per person.

Terms and conditions:

Please send us an e-mail with your desired date for sailing acc to the calendar above (it is also possible to by now and set date later), if you would like to go in Stockholm or in Dalarna, your/ the participators name and cell phone number to: or call +46 (0)8 – 410 184 07.
If / when you have decided to by, we will send you an invoice by e-mail and payment may be done to IBAN account, “Bankgiro” or “Plusgirot”.

Payment terms: 10 days from invoicedate or latest 1V before the activity day, unless otherwise agreed. We will get back to you asap in case your desired date is fully booked.

More information regarding the gift-card / Voucher ice yacht sailing:

  • Participators age: Min 16 years. Pregnant person shall not participate.
  • Please bring your own pick-nick. We have a charcoal grill out on the ice ready for the sailors (and followers) to use during the breaks.
  • You are sailing in a group together with others (Corona safe) and taking turns in order to keep the heat up and get some info from the guides. Min sailing time 3×30 min (but use to be more time pp if desired). 
  • Sailing guarantee always included: If the wind or ice conditions will not be good enough at booked day when you are present, you will get one other day to book acc to dates above or next season. An advice is to try to find an early season date in case you need a second chance.
  • Sailors and followers are able to rent Nordic skates or snowshoes to use during break/turns or after the sailing event. (We are at the sailing area packing equipment until 17.00 Pm. 2hrs after the sailing has ended) Special price on the ice: SEK 100 /pair incl boots.

Cancellation rules:

Cancellation or re-booking of date must be made no later than 14 days before a booked day to be valid. Cancellation must be made 30 days before booked day to be valid for 100% refund of fee. No refund can be claimed if a cancellation is made later than 14 days before a booked date.

If you / the sailor gets ill:

If you are not able to participate and inform us later than 14 days before the booked day you have to show us a valid doctors certificate latest 2 weeks after the event-day to get a new day. You are always welcome to give your gift-card over to another person over 16 years of age.

Please send any question, or book your ice yachting day here:

    Book accessories (SEK 150 for silors and followers) To be Swished at the sailing day:

    Any question, or anything else you think is good for us to know?