Ice yacht sailing

Iceyachting in Sweden with OutdoorEvents is a very appreciated adventurous winter activity. We are always sailing on carefully checked natural ice and you need no experience to participate. You will get instructions practicing out on the ice as well as theory information in advance from our experienced guides. All safety equipment and warm suits available to borrow.

We are sailing one- or two seater Isabellas or the smaller Blokart.

Ice sailing in Stockholm or Dalarna  

In Stockholm we usually arrange ice boating events at lake Mälaren in Sigtuna or the inner archipelago of Stockholm.

In Dalarna we sail on lake Siljan in Mora, Tällberg or Rättvik or in Falun at lake Runn. In Mora or Orsa also at lake Orsasjön.

Ice yachting is dependent on right wind and ice conditions. In case the weather wount be as we wish we are able to arrange alternative ice activities for a booked group. If you have booked as individual voucher sailor at a fixed date, and attend at a “Gift card event” during a weekend you have the right to book another day. If we get snow on the ice we will will plowing tracks! Web cam Mora.

Eqipment to borrow

  • Helmet
  • Bearclaws
  • Stud damasks
  • Goggles
  • Warm floatingsuit

Book Ice yachting  

  • Groups: Upp to appr. 20 persons / appr 50 in combination with other winter activities. 
  • Place: Stockholm or Dalarna. 
  • Season: End of December – mid March.
  • Cost: Please send us an E-mail for a quoutation.